Process is more important than results essay

The result is never more important than the process. It is always the process that will be the key because it puts less pressure on the team.

Why Finding Meaning At Work Is More Important Than Feeling Happy

It is an important Test match… But at the same time, it is still the breaking up of the sessions that matters, because that would give us an advantage. So we will still be looking more into the process than the result. At the same time, we have to look ahead. But to give credit to England for the loss and win both is not right.

3 Compelling Reasons Why The Journey Matters More Than the Destination

No, because three days before that, I was with the team and we had enough team building activities. But he is also someone who we cannot afford to rest at this point in the series. It is an important game for us and hopefully he will turn up fit for the game. If it is a technical thing and you need to work on your technique, it becomes very difficult to do it in the middle of the series. It becomes very difficult to answer that question because we will have to see whether that middle-order batsmen have really contributed.

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So all of a sudden, to go in with like that in a big game will have its own consequences. The only big concern in not having big opening partnerships is that you expose the No.

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So Pujara has to face that pressure. It will only help him improve. It is important for him to remain positive. Virat is batting well But he has been middling the ball well in the nets and we have seen glimpses of that.

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I might be one of the batsmen with a horrible technique when it comes to Test cricket. It is difficult to change my technique all of a sudden. You need to be aware of the limitations of your technique. Rather, it is advised to outline clear and manageable goals which affords you the opportunity to chart your progress more effectively. The underlying message is that life never goes according to plan. Life becomes replete with the meaning you assign it. It is upheld by your passion toward your purpose.

I wish to offer the following thoughts echoed in the advice to savour the journey rather than having a fixed outcome for your goals.

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Arriving Rather Than Striving : Life is a series of smaller destinations. The goal in life is not to acquire things or have certain people to complete you. Such goals are bound to cause suffering once they vanish from your life — easy come, easy go.

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  • When your focus is on the goal alone, you forfeit the lessons and wonderful experiences that lie in-between. Your subconscious mind and accompanying biology are formed in such a way as to support your success. Appreciate the journey by trusting that you have the wherewithal to accomplish any task you set your mind upon, once your will and intention are firmly grounded. The journey is the essence of where life exists in all her glory. Do you recall what method you employed to arrive at such a figure? Goals are meaningless without the intermediary process to get you there. The journey is where your goals are formed and realised.

    You may find that in losing weight, you acquire certain skills or undertake several lifestyle changes which you previously would not have considered.

    Be Yourself

    If you rush the process and achieve your goal in the shortest amount of time, you forego the experiences along the way which cement your new habits. As you take your eyes off the prize and enjoy the journey, you develop the ability to sharpen the saw as Stephen Covey lays out in his acclaimed book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. That is, you learn to preserve and enhance your personal self.

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    The Journey Builds Character : Character is shaped on the path to your goals. Strength of character is developed throughout the journey via the trials and lessons experienced.

    Process Is More Important Than Results by MSD

    You will call upon these lessons when you attain your goal, much like an athlete who spends countless hours in training, honing their performance. Those skills will be harnessed at the appropriate time. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. They know what they want and pursue it with intense determination.

    They are receptive to the process of life and do not have fixed outcomes on how their goals will be achieved. Now is a good time as any to take your foot off the accelerator and slip into cruise control. More importantly the journey becomes a continual process of refinement, leading you toward your ultimate victory — the accomplishment of your goal and the strength of character to match. This comprehensive eBook features 39 key lessons to help you awaken your highest potential. Do you have the citation, for a works cited.